Roulis Neroulis and the walk in ancient Messina

At the event, which took place on Wednesday 8/6/2022 at the 2nd and 4th Primary School of Messina, the 10th fairy tale titled: “Roulis the Neroulis and the walk in Ancient Messina” was presented. Professor Petros Themelis honored us with his presence and signed the fairy tales to the children. In this short story, our little hero meets Professor Petros Themelis and together they walk around the amazing space of the Ancient city.

The Stadium, the Theater, the Ecclesiastical Hall, the market, the fountains “Klepsydra and Arsinoe” come to life and together the values of sports, democracy, culture come to life.

The most important thing is that the children understand the way of life created by the Ancient Greeks and the way in which the children were shaped, in order to become responsible citizens.

DEYAM will continue through these little tales, to try sensitize children to environmental issues and not only.

Children love myths, as they know the world, new concepts in an experiential and creative way. Through myths, values and ideas are taught in a tender way in this sensitive age they are going through. Also from antiquity, myths have a didactic character. Every myth “hides” a moral lesson, through which children understand more about life.

Finally, a big thank you to our cartoonist Mr. Fotis Fotiou and of course to Professor Petros Themelis, who is a huge chapter for the Culture and the promotion of the Cultural heritage of our country. A man who has brought to the world light many wonderful monuments of our Ancient civilization and among other things has restored an entire and very large area, Ancient City.

A project that surprises every visitor!


Reconstruction of the entrance of Messina
Reconstruction of the entrance of Messina

An important project for our city, which was carried out with the valuable contribution of DEYAM

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Roulis Neroulis
Roulis Neroulis

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DEYAM painting

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DEYAM painting

At the event, which took place at the 2nd and 4th Primary School of Messina, the 10th fairy tale in a row was presented with the title: "Roulis the Neroulis and the walk in Ancient Messina".


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