Message from the General Manager

DEYAM identified with the spirit of the actions, despite her words, would be the last one that would decide to promote her work through a website. However, the need for dynamic communication and information of our citizens, forced us to create this website. From here, we promote our projects that was carried out from the time the company established and financial data related to our activities. However, the creation of this website is dictated by the need for communication between consumers and our company and aims at even better quality, upgrading of our services provided and consumers’ understanding of the difficulties and problems that exist.

DEYAΜ is a company, which, among other things, should harmoniously link its business model with its public benefit character and all this should be done against the background of transparent gold, water. In an environment where everything is changing at an accelerating pace, it projects today, more than ever, the need to create the conditions that will ensure the adequacy and suitability of water, the main source of life, both today and in the future, with the proper protection of water resources and the environment.

DEYAΜ since its establishment and operation in 2000, has solved several problems that should be added those of the Local Communities ,with the expansion of DEYAM in the Kallikratic Municipality of Messina in 2015. Efforts are constantly made by all staff to respect our Customers, to prioritize and to meet in the best possible way our obligations, both in the field of water supply, irrigation, and in the field of sewerage.

Our goal is to manage the water demand, instead of adjusting the supply to the water demand every time, which is an environmentally deadlocked and economically damaging, we try every day to anticipate the needs of our citizens and solve problems, following the air of creation, perspective and of the future. We choose to manage the system without fear, but with vision and method.

Without feeding illusions and without resting, we believe that DEYAM, despite the short operating time, meets its obligations and tends to be recognized in the eyes of citizens of Messina. The agony of all of us and our goal, is to optimize the rational management of limited water resources and the operation of sewerage networks throughout the Municipality. There is a need to raise awareness of the important issue of water economy and we must all understand that water is not enough to waste it.

With small, daily and simple ways of saving, we contribute substantially and responsibly to alleviate the problem of water scarcity, by respecting the environment, and ensuring the SUSTAINABILITY and DEVELOPMENT of our region.

We have a difficult and critical task ahead of us and we must face any challenges with enthusiasm, constructive changes with new ideas, creativity, teamwork, and best practices.. We need solutions for every problem and not problems for every solution ..

At this point I would like to thank all my partners for their continuous efforts to keep the company at a high level of readiness and efficiency and to operate 24 hours a day, with the aim of serving our citizens and protecting the environment. Finally, we will all be judged by the result.



Aristotle, when asked where Musa lived, said: “In the souls of the lovers”.

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