Message from the president

After 20 years of operating DEYAM, both the management and the employees of the company, have the feeling that we have fulfilled our duty, to the greatest extent possible, by implementing a very important decision of the “Kallikratic Municipality of Messina” with the establishment and operation of such an important Municipal enterprise.

The organization of the company, took place in a very short time, so that we could provide solutions to many problems small or large, in both water supply and sewerage. We successfully tackled the problem of water adequacy and quality and we succeed to significantly improve it, establishing continuous water treatment,  quality control by using alternative water sources to ensure a healthy drinking water in every home.

We replaced the asbestos networks of the internal water supply networks of Local Communities , we proceed the excavation of new wells (L.C. Longas, L.C. Diodion, L.C. Polylofou etc.) and we launched large projects for the utilization of the springs of “AGIOS PAVLOS” and the springs “BARKA”, which solved serious water supply problems of the residents of Messina Municipality .

The percentage of sewerage connections for the Municipality of Messina and the Municipality of Mavromati of Messina exceeds 95%, while we constructed and operate VIOKA in the Municipality of Avrami & Lefkochora of the Municipality of Messina, with treatment system of artificial wetlands. At the same time, construction of a sewage system and a wastewater treatment plant, is promoted in Petalidi and Epia, of the Municipality of Messina.

Our goals are:

  • Environmental protection
  • Quality of water supply and adequacy, over a 30-years horizon
  • The development of water supply networks and especially sewerage
  • The best services
  • The limitation of both the service time of the citizens and the response time of the damages.

DEYAM has the ability to carry out projects with self-supervision, ensuring financial benefits with a quality result. The next 5 years are crucial, since it is expected to implement projects that will exceed 20 million €, utilizing various financial programs. The work that today has been mostly executed and is being carried out, belongs to the citizens of the enlarged Municipality of Messina, belongs to all of us, and our children. We try to meet modern needs, with full awareness of our responsibility and look forward to your cooperation, but also understanding any omissions.

The President

Vlachodimitropoulos Anastasios


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