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In L.C. of Messini 4 accounts are issued (per quarter), while in L.C. of Epia, Androusa, Aristomeni, Voufrados, Ithomi, Petalidi and Trikorfo 2 accounts are issued (per semester).

DEYAM sends all accounts via EL.TA. and has no responsibility for the loss of any account. However, the service must be informed of any change of address, owner, tenant and in general of any item.

It is usually due to the following cases: Late payment of the previous bill. Many consumers are accustomed to paying their bill long after its expiration date. The next bill is therefore likely to be issued before the late payment of the previous bill and therefore shows a balance. During the payment process at the cashier, however, there will be no problem, because there will be the actual balance and not possibly what is written on the invoice form. Excessive consumption. We first check that the hydrometer we are measuring and referring to is indeed ours. (detection method: turn the switch (valve) next to the water meter, perpendicular to the pipe and check that there is indeed no water flow in our house or apartment). Check for possible leakage (detection method: close all taps in your house or apartment and check if the meters (impeller) of our hydrometer is turning). If there is an invisible leak, we submit an objection to DEYAM and we repair the damage with our own plumber. Usually 60% of leaks are due to the toilet bowl. In any case, the consumer has the right to submit an objection until the expiration date of his bill, after first checking the hydrometer indication. In this case, the hydrometer is checked by competent employees of DEYAM  and if an error is found, a correction procedure is followed.

Be sure to pay your bill on the due date, to avoid water cut off and related reconnection fees. Please note that after the expiration date of the account, it is charged with surcharges

Property owners are advised to make sure that their tenants pay any due water bills before leaving the property. And this is because, based on the Water Supply Regulation, the debts are borne by the property and for any kind of debts to DEYAM, responsibility has the owner of the irrigated property.

First of all, according to the water supply regulation, we make sure that our hydrometers are clean, so that their indications are legible and as much as possible the space in which they are placed, has to be an easy accessibility by the employee of DEYAM. In any case the hydrometers should be outside the property.

Every property that uses water supply and sewerage, is obliged to have its own supply and its own hydrometer. In the case that two properties are served by the same hydrometer, a new connection application must be submitted immediately, in order to install a second hydrometer, in order to make the consumption of one of the other properties independent.

The quality of water provided by DEYAM is very good , it is safe and drinkable according to current legislation.

We have to fill a glass with water, let it rest for 10 minutes and observe it. If the water becomes clear and no solid particles or sediments have settled then the turbidity is due to air trapped in the network and we should not worry because in this case the water is drinkable. If the water remains cloudy or sediments have settled, then the water is probably not drinkable and the DEYAM must be notified immediately.

We have illegal water intake when we seek to take quantities of water without recording the consumption by the meter (eg installation of a connector without a meter, reverse installation of a meter, etc.). The consequences for the offender are criminal (article 372 of the Penal Code) and financial and are determined by the Water Supply Regulation of DEYAM.

Undoubtedly water belongs to everyone and does not belong to anyone. It is a free good, since nature offers it for free. However, its pumping, storage in tanks, transportation, procedures for its control and protection, care for its continuous and uninterrupted flow in the networks, as well as its distribution have very high costs. That is why water has a price and it is for sale.

According to the sewerage regulation, the connection to the urban sewage network is mandatory, for the properties that are located near a sewerage pipeline. DEYAM has the right to disconnect the water supply to the water supply property, the one who violates the provisions of this regulation and refuses to connect to the municipal sewerage network. It has been given.

There must be no waterproofing or absorbent pits between the internal network and the external branch.

To avoid odors from the sewer network, you have to install a mechanical siphon, after the visit well

First you need to notify DEYAM, to block the network, but then you have to install an automatic and manual safety valve in the plumbing. Finally, to avoid clogging, it is recommended not to throw various objects in the sewer, such as e.g. papers, diapers, towers etc.

The connection of rainwater to the urban sewage network, is prohibited.


Water saving tips


Repair leaking taps, running cisterns and generally any leaks you find in your plumbing, as they cause a huge waste of water.


Water the plants and flowers on your balcony with a watering can, early in the morning or late in the afternoon, as evaporation is limited and less water is required.


Wash your car with a sponge and bucket instead of a hose.


Clean yards, terraces, balconies, sidewalks and generally all the outside of your home by wiping and mopping, without using rubber.

Economy in the cistern

Place a plastic bag full of water or a brick in the cistern to limit the amount of water used for rinsing. Alternatively, adjust the float on the cistern.


Take a shower instead of filling your bathtub with water. Water savings will be great and your bill lower.


Do not leave the tap open when washing dishes, shaving or brushing your teeth. Thus, water is lost unjustifiably.

Washing machine

Use the dishwasher and washing machine when they are full and set them to the most economical program.

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