Institutional framework

DEYAM, was established within the framework of L.1069 / 80 and is a “Legal entity under private law” public benefit operating under the rules of the private economy. At the same time, according to the D.K.K. DEYAM is a municipal special purpose enterprise.
Its establishment and operation, is the main reason why many water supply and sewerage projects, have been completed and are operating in a satisfactory manner, equivalent to that in other E.U. countries.



Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Company of Messina (DEYAM)

Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Company of Messina (DEYAM) was established by the F.E.K. number 44 / 10-3-1998  issue one and area of ​​responsibility of the city of Messina. With the F.E.K. number 1187 / 27-9-2000  issue two, the area of ​​responsibility of DEYAM was redefined in the Kapodistrian Municipality of Messina. With the decision no. 12990/571 of the General Secretary of the Decentralized Administration of Peloponnese, Western Greece and the Ionian, which was published in no. 460 / 26-3-2015 F.E.K. issue two, the area of ​​responsibility of DEYAM was redefined  in the Kallikratic Municipality of Messina.

  • Today DEYAM manages 23,671 water meters through which 33,086 inhabitants are served in 112 Local Communities – settlements and in the city of Messina. It is a company with a small number of employees (12 people regular staff and 7 people with special contracts). The company without having its own T.Y. (uses the Municipality’s Department of Public Works) has implemented an important investment program in the sectors of Water Supply and Sewerage.

  • DEYAM provides, exclusively, water supply and sewerage services within the administrative boundaries of the Kallikratic Municipality of Messina. The company operates with any particularities and problems on a 24-hour basis, trying to respond to a huge and scattered water supply network, due to the peculiarity of the Municipality

  • Area of ​​566,014 acres) with 114 communities and settlements.

  • The water supply network is about 720,824 meters

  • A total of 90 water sources from 40 wells and 50 springs.

  • The water storage tanks amount to 95 while the pumping stations to 45.

  • The city of Messina and L.C. of Mavromati, are connected to the VIOKA of Kalamata.

  • Operates VIOKA with artificial wetlands for the municipalities of Lefkochora and Avrami.


Administrative council



The company currently employs 17 full-time employees, of which 8 are administrative-financial and the rest are craftsmen.

The structure of DEYAM is based on 2 central services, the Administrative / Financial and the Technical Service.

The executive staff of the company consists of the following:

  1. General Manager: Lembesis Dimitrios (PE – Finance)
  2. Service Director: Kouti Vassiliki (PE – Organization and Administration)
  3. Xynos Dimitrios (Administrative – Financial)
  4. Anastasopoulos Dimitrios (TE Administration – Finance)
  5. Vavaroutsou Vassiliki (Administrative – Financial)
  6. Kontodimos Marios (Administrative – Financial)
  7. Kordonouri Maria (Administrative – Financial)
  8. Vlachahi Nancy (Administrative – Financial)

The Craftsmen – Plumbers and the technical staff of DEYAM are:

  1. Athanasakopoulos Konstantinos
  2. Vasilopoulos Dimitrios
  3. Zournatzis Charalambos
  4. Kokkalis Antonios
  5. Koutsopetros Vassilios
  6. Markakis Ioannis
  7. Boletis Panagiotis
  8. Petropoulos Nikolaos
  9. Poulakos Panagiotis

The Company employs an additional 5 temporary staff with fixed-term employment contracts, while giving the opportunity to students of technical, technological, administrative and financial direction to implement their Internship.

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