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Rainwater drainage for the Municipality of Messina. has always been, and to some extent even today, a very serious problem.

The intensity of the problem. is mainly due to the terrain and especially to the relatively homogeneous slopes from West to East resulting in periods of increased rainfall, flooding the eastern areas of the city.

The internal rainwater network of the city, which has been built from time to time in the past, has a small drainage capacity. At the same time in the late ’80s and early’ 90s, to protect the city from floods, on the borders of the GIS, significant flood protection works were constructed, with a total length of about 10km, with the most important being the work of “Ryaka”.

The completion of the projects, mainly the extension of the “brook” to cover the area of ​​the extension of the city plan (workers’ apartment buildings) and the rainwater pipe, has begun to be implemented

Construction of a rainwater network
for flood protection of Local
Communities of the Municipality
of Messina

Construction of a rainwater network
for the flood protection of the
Municipality of Messina

Additional projects for the collection
and disposal of rainwater in the
Municipality of Messina

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