“Water is the beginning of everything” Thalis


Water supply projects

DEYAM with the projects it carries out aims to:

  • in the supply of clean drinking water
  • permanent and long-term water supply with 24-hour water supply and the abolition of anachronistic private tanks
  • reduce leakage and water loss in controlling the operation of the network
  • reducing energy consumption

All water supply networks, whether they are replacements of old networks or new networks, are constructed of 3rd generation polyethylene pipes (modern technology) to ensure water quality, and to minimize leaks and loss of water resources.

Dominant concern of DEYA Messini is the coverage of all water supply needs of the Kallikratikos Municipality of Messina.

Through continuous development, D.E.Y.A. Messini has both the know-how and the logistical equipment so that it can respond perfectly to the solution of any problem concerning the water sector.

New infrastructure, the use of the latest technology, the accumulated experience, the continuous training of the staff and the responsibility guarantee high levels of water supply services. The water supply of the city of Messina is done with groundwater from the Fountains of Agios Pavlos and the Fountains of the Leap which are pumped through boreholes – springs, led to central pumping stations, where they are chlorinated and from where they are raised to the tanks built at high points, and from there by gravity they are led to the water supply network.

The amount of water required for the water supply of Messina currently ranges from 3,500 – 5,000 m3 / 24 hours. The storage of water and the balancing of the consumption supply is done with 3 tanks with a capacity of 3,000m3. The external network from the springs of Agios Pavlos has been recently replaced and is a total length of 42 km, while the external network from the springs of Pidimas is under construction. The internal network of Messina is under replacement with a total length of 30km. and is expected to be completed in the coming years. Also, large projects are included and under construction, such as: the replacement of the internal network of Loggas – Andrianis, the replacement of the external water supply network from the sources “Barka” to Velikas beach, etc.

Construction of external water supply network
Replacement of parts of the internal high water supply network of C.S. of Messina
Replacement of central water transfer pipeline from the sources of L.C of Pidima to Kalamata - Messina
Improvement of Infrastructure of water supply networks of the Municipality of Messina, "Philodimos I program"
Improvement - Replacement of the external aqueduct of the former Water Supply Association "Reconstruction"
Drilling in the Municipality of Messina
Repair - tank sealing
Water pipe repair
Exterior Cleaning of Tanks

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