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The Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Company of Messina (DEYAM) owns the water supply networks, pumping stations, drillings and irrigation sources. It is responsible for their design, construction, maintenance, operation, administration and operation, in accordance with Law 1069/80.

DEYAM, through the irrigation networks, provides water for the irrigation of agricultural plots or gardens of houses but only where there is only an irrigation network distinct and separated from the water supply network. DEYAM, has no responsibility or obligation to compensate for any damage caused by the unsuitability of the supplied water, for use other than irrigation. DEYAM, also, has no responsibility for any damage caused to crops sensitive to specific water quality characteristics.

Irrigation water, is entitled to any area in which there are proven agricultural crops. In order to prove the existence of agricultural cultivation, the hydrant must submit to DEYAM appropriate documents, or other evidence at the discretion of the service (autopsy).

Each water intake, can consume the amount of water required, to meet its irrigation needs, always in accordance with the restrictions of the relevant Regulation or those that may be established in the future, by decisions of the Board of Directors of DEYAM.

Irrigation service, is provided throughout the year, as even in winter there are crops that require a quantity of water, given by the weather conditions in the area. Therefore the irrigation period is the whole year. The irrigation period can be differentiated by a decision of DEYAM, depending on the weather conditions, the availability of water and the irrigation needs of the crops.

DEYAM is responsible for the unified management of water, in order to ensure the required amount to all consumers, depending on the irrigation needs of each area.

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