“Telemetry, automation, energy saving and leakage control of the water supply networks of the Municipality of Messina”

AUCTION OF THE INTEGRATED ACT “Telemetry, automation, energy saving and leakage control of the water supply networks of the Municipality of Messina” included in the E.P. “TRANSPORT INFRASTRUCTURES, ENVIRONMENT & SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT” 2014 – 2020″, with a budget of €1,821,882.40, provides for:

DEVA MESSINA aims to supply, install and put into operation, an electronic control system for water supply network leaks, with the ability to supervise key supply points/supplies in the wider area of Messina (including the city of Messina), effectively installing a remote control system / remote control and detection of Leaks, in such a way as to enable the control of the entire network of the D.E. municipality’s.

The main purpose is the gathering of information from all Water Supply facilities in a Control Center and their overall processing. In combination with the Water Resources management system and the electronic mapping of the water transport and distribution network, it will lead, through suitable software, to the detection of Leaks, to the immediate global presentation of the reserves, consumption, water balance, the monitoring of water quality and the active reduction of operating costs. Subsequently and through the experience gained in creating a daily plan, the engineers will achieve the optimal operation of the water supply system controlled by the Service. More specifically, this act will implement:

Detailed design of the integrated telemetry and automation system of all aqueducts & water supply networks.

Modernization of all the E/M installations of the wells, propulsion units and tanks, which are not included in the existing telemetry network, in order to implement the leakage control, remote control and their automation. A total of (98) mains installations are included, i.e. (26) Boreholes, (51) Reservoirs – Water Towers, (9) Pumping Stations, (12) Reservoirs with Pumping Stations. Each installation may include more than one type of network head. The category of all these facilities is coded with
characterization of TSE (Local Control Stations) Installation of flow, pressure and level measuring instruments at the exits of the secondary reservoirs of the Municipality’s settlements, for the needs of the Leakage Control System where, in combination with the measuring instruments of the TSE, all produced and available water will be recorded of water for consumption and leaks will be detected (invisible leaks
in pipelines, malfunctioning consumer water meters and illegal connections).
Installation of new instruments and automation systems for the needs of the energy saving system, (reduction of PPC bills through energy meters, pump starters and speed regulators, elimination of idle power, etc.) in the existing installations of the Water Supply network.
Installation and interconnection of the water quality control instruments that are already in operation, or to be installed, at each appropriate network head (mainly reservoirs & boreholes) and their inclusion in the Telemetric quality monitoring system.

Preparation and implementation of an appropriate hydraulic strategic and detailed simulation model and the redesign of new supply and leakage control zones, with the aim of improving the supply of the Municipality with a more rational water supply system.
Installation of a system of Wireless Communication Relays, between TSE and KSE, which will ensure seamless, safe, and without telecommunication fees, the remote control and remote control of all the facilities. The communication study foresees the installation of 6 Repeaters (ANA) in addition to the Wireless communication devices in each TSE.
Installation of a Central Control System (CSC) in Messina, which aims to collect all the data from the local facilities and their overall processing, with the aim of the immediate and global presentation of water balances, the management of the system under a water shortage regime, the analysis of data for management of reserves, strategy formulation, demand forecasting and decision support and water resources operation rules. The category of these facilities is coded with the KSE designation. Also, the overall supervision of the Networks will be possible through Laptop-type Portable Control Stations (PCS). Supply and installation of all the software required for the operation of the System.
Supply and installation of all instruments mentioned in the study (supply, pressure, etc.).
Factory acceptance tests and on-site acceptance tests (field tests).
Task completion and system delivery tests.
Delivery of plans, operation and maintenance manuals (documentation).
Training service personnel in system operations, support and maintenance.

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