In the early 1990s, the replacement of the internal water supply network of Messina began. The project envisaged two water supply zones and a new water tower. A reservoir-water tower was built at the head of each network. The high zone was supplied by the new water ministry 300 m3 and the total length of the network was 19,965m from PVC pipes with a diameter of Φ 90 – Φ 250. The low zone was supplied by the old water ministry, with a capacity of 300 m3 and the total length of the network was 9.85m from PVC pipes with diameter from Φ 90 – Φ 225.
At the same time, the construction of the external water supply network, from the sources of the leap was completed, specifically from the intersection of Asprochoma through the National Road, to the old water tower of Messina. The city’s water supply now comes from two sources: From the aquifer of the city with pumping through 4 boreholes and from the sources of the leap through an asbestos pipeline with a diameter of Φ 300 with a total length of 11.9 km. about.


In the 1990s many projects completed (started in 1985):

a) External sewage pipeline in the BC Length: 5,400 m (5000
mm natural flow – 400mm)

b) Sewage pumping station at the A limits of the city and connection to
the VIOKA of Kalamata

c) Secondary-internal city network: total length: 50,000m pipelines
Φ 200, -250 Φ 400 – 500


Rainwater drainage for the Municipality of Messina has always been, a very serious problem. The intensity of the problem is mainly due to the terrain and especially the relatively homogeneous slopes from West to East resulting in periods of increased rainfall, flooding the eastern areas of the city.
The internal rainwater network of the city, which has been built from time to time in the past, is on the one hand of small drainage capacity, and on the other hand it is largely a recipient of urban sewage.
At the same time in the late ’80s and early’ 90s, in order to protect the city from floods, significant flood protection works were constructed, with a total length of about 5km. The most important of them is the work of “Ryaka”.
The completion of the projects, mainly the extension of the “brook” to cover the area of ​​the extension of the city plan and the rainwater pipe, has begun to be implemented.


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