Financing amount € 4,774,861.80 inc. VAT 24%

The physical object of the proposed act provides for the improvement of energy efficiency, energy saving and installation of intelligent management systems, namely:
• The supply and installation of eighty six (86) pumping units at the Local Control Stations of pumping stations and boreholes of the water supply network
• The supply and installation of eighty six (86) Speed ​​Regulators and Smooth Starters and seventy six (76) Energy Meters at the Local Control Stations of pumping stations and boreholes of the water supply network.
• The supply and installation of I / O cards for the connection of energy meters, Speed ​​Controllers and Smooth Starters with the existing telemetry system
• The supply and installation of Wireless Data Transmission Devices at a Default Portal for the communication of the Local Control Stations with the Central Control Station and the collection of the measured values ​​in a database.
• The supply and installation of energy saving software and intelligent energy management systems
• The upgrade of the Central Control System that has already been installed in DEYA Messina, in order to collect all the new data from the proposed local facilities in order to have a direct and comprehensive presentation of the energy elements of the pumping stations and drillings.

The aim of the system is to save electricity for the operation of the water supply of the Municipality of Messina. The subject of the Contract which is described in detail in the issue of the Technical Specifications and the other contractual issues, includes the following works:
• Detailed Design of the offered integrated system
• Supply and installation of all plumbing, E / M equipment
• Installation of energy management software at the Central Control Station (extension of an existing one)
• Factory acceptance tests and on-site acceptance tests (field tests)
• Tests of completion of the work and delivery of the System
• Operation and support of the system during the test operation
• Delivery of drawings, operation and maintenance manuals (documentation)
• Training of the staff of the Service in the operations, support and maintenance of the System
There will be a test operation of the entire system as well as its smooth and trouble-free operation for a period of two (2) months, from the date of its commissioning and on a twenty-four hour basis, with simultaneous observance of the control, measurement and maintenance programs, which will be delivered. in the Technical Service.

The proposed interventions and actions come to address the problem of energy waste in energy-intensive infrastructure such as the water supply infrastructure of DEYA Messina, through energy savings and reduction of pump consumption.

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