Financing amount 5.154.996,71

The physical object of the subproject, concerns works for the improvement of the infrastructure, of the water supply network, of the Municipality of Messina. Specifically, this subproject consists of:
A : “Replace parts of the Internal High Zone Water Supply Network D.K. Messina »
It concerns the replacement of faulty PVC pipes (daily breaks) of the internal water supply network, in the high zone of L.C. of Messina, so that this network can meet the current and future water needs of the high zone of the city and its operational requirements. Also, the object of the present study is the replacement of the supply pipeline of the coastal zone. This pipeline, as well as the existing pipeline to the coastal zone, will start from the old water tower and will be fed by the underground reservoir. At this stage the section, which is within the city plan, will be replaced. In total, it is foreseen the construction of a network pipeline with a length of 18 km from PE 3IS Generation PN 10 at.
The result will be, to ensure adequate drinking water and in general to improve the operation of the entire internal water supply network of the city of Messina as well as the coastal zone.


  • The new pipes will be made of 3rd generation polyethylene (HDPE) (σ80, MRS10, PE100, with solid wall, according to ELOT EN 12201-2) and nominal operating pressure of 10 atmospheres, The test pressure of the main test is set equal to 1,5Pon (nominal operating pressure).

B : Improvement – Replacement of the External Aqueduct of the former Water Supply Association “Reconstruction” from Barca springs
It concerns the replacement of the external aqueduct of the former Water Supply Association “RECONSTRUCTION”, through which the settlements of Kourtaki, Ano Drosia, Drosia, Dara, Neromylos, Karpofora, Dafni, Rizomylos and Velika with “Velika” of pumping stations in their current location. The course of the new external water supply network with a total length of 15 km will generally follow the course of the existing external water supply network. The new external aqueduct will be located within roads, except for two very small sections, which will be located within the crossing zone.


  • The new pipes will be made of 3rd generation polyethylene (HDPE) (σ80, MRS10, PE100, with solid wall, according to ELOT EN 12201-2). The test pressure of the main test is set equal to 1.5Pon (nominal operating pressure).
  • The nominal diameter and the nominal operating pressure for each section of the external aqueduct are shown in the drawings.

The proposed Act aims to improve the management of water resources and the development of relevant infrastructure in the area, improving both the quality of the water supply system and the services provided to consumers. The existing network presents serious operational problems (daily breaks) resulting in inconvenience to citizens and high rehabilitation costs. There is also a serious risk to public health due to the daily interruption of large sections of the network.

The expected benefits are environmental, social and economic. Particularly:
• Reduction of the annual losses of drinking water and the total consumption, – through the timely and effective treatment of the losses – consequently the reduction of the burden of the water reserves and water intakes of the area and the rational management of the water resources.
• Reduction of non-billed drinking water by reducing leaks and consequently wasted water and securing water quantities.
• Uninterrupted water supply, which meets the quality standards provided by law, through a secure network.

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