Replacement of central water transfer pipeline from the sources of L.C of Pidima to Kalamata – Messina

The project “Replacement of a central water transfer pipeline from the sources of T.K. Leap to Kalamata – Messina “with a total budget of 11,127,000.00 € and source of funding” PHILODIMOS I “It is planned to replace the existing pipelines of cross section Φ600 & Φ300 by T.K. Leap to Kalamata with a new pipeline of cross section Φ800 and the pipeline of cross section Φ300 from T.K. Asprochomatos with new pipeline of section Φ400. The new main pipeline of section Φ800 from T.K. Pidimatos to Kalamata is designed for water transport for 150,000 inhabitants, to cover the future water supply needs of the Municipality of Kalamata, the Municipality of Messina and the Local Communities of the coastal zone of the Municipality of West Mani (from Avia to Trachila). seeks to supply water to Kalamata, it will run on the old national road Kalamata – Tripoli and not east of it, like the existing pipeline Φ600. The new pipeline Φ400 (Blue color on the map) will replace the existing pipeline Φ 300 (Orange color on the map) and is planned to supply water to Messina
In the proposal, accompanied by a voluminous complete study, it is noted that “the existing main pipelines for the transfer of drinking water from T.K. Leap to Kalamata and Messina (Φ600 & Φ300) are obsolete (dating from 1938) and of insufficient cross section for current and future water supply needs. In particular, the Φ600 pipeline passes through properties, with the result that the leaks are not detected in time and the repairs are difficult, since there was no access to the pipelines. Also, due to the special development of the water supply areas, the needs for construction of a new main pipeline have increased.

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