Drilling of wells in the Municipality of Messina

The project “Drilling of wells in the Municipality of Messina” DEYA MESSINI, in order to meet the needs of the residents of the Municipality of Messina drives water drilling in the municipality of Ahladochori, in “Kefalovryso” of the village of Logga, Pigas of T.K. Poulofou, in the Barka springs, in the settlements of Kafos, Kakkorema and Episkopi of Hrana, the drillings were made after a hydrogeological study, which was prepared by the hydrogeologist Mr. Sampaziotis Efstathios. residents of the area, as well as visitors to the area during the summer months.
The works were completed successfully and the test pumping showed that the water supply of the permanent residents, but also of the visitors of the area will be treated without any problem in the coming years.

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