Construction of external water supply network

The project “Construction of an external water supply network to strengthen water supply needs from Agios Pavlos to Local Communities and the Municipal Community of Messina of the Municipality of Messina”. is with a total budget of € 7,067,000.00 and was financed by the program “THESEAS” and the NSRF. source in a new pumping station built near it. Water is pumped from the pumping station of the spring to the top of an adjacent hill near the settlement of Manesi, in which a top water storage tank with a volume of 600m3 with a ground height of + 227m is constructed. A pipe starts from the top tank which returns to the source and is connected to a closed loop of water transmission network. This loop passes through asphalt roads – cement roads and dirt roads and feeds the local reservoirs of the settlements. The above loop has a length of about 42 km (PE 110- PE 400) and has been studied and dimensioned to serve the demographic data of the settlements reduced to the year 2045, and in addition the actual data on water consumption.
The project solved serious water supply problems of Messina, as well as the TKAnalpsi, Avramiou, Karteroli, Lefkochora, Lykotrafou, Madaina, Mavromatiou, Pilalistra, Spitalio, Piperitsa, Polylofos, and the current problems due to the age of the networks, poor construction, outdated materials, inaccessible carvings, salt clogging and small cross-sections to meet the current water supply needs that swell in the summer

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