DEYAM Vehicle insurance premiums – 2022

D.E.Y.A.M. decides:

The direct assignment with sealed offers, by completing an invoice for the service: DEYAM VEHICLE INSURANCE 2022.

The budget of the supply amounts to € 5,350.00 with the following terms:

  • The offers will be evaluated on Monday 14/02/2022 at 13:15 at the offices of DEYAM.
  • Those interested who wish to submit a written offer can submit it to the offices of DEYAM until Monday 14/02/2022 at 13:00
  • Eligible to participate are all natural or legal persons, commercial agents and cooperatives, which carry out activity related to the object of the draft tender.
  • The award will be made to whoever offers, according to the specifications, the most economical offer.
  • The certification of performance of the service will be done by the competent committee.
  • The payment of the contractor will be made in euros within 60 days with the issuance of respective payment invoices.
  • This is a declaration, a summary of which will be posted on the site of DEYAM.




DYou can download the “Declaration Form” here:

You can download the whole study from here:

You can download the “financial offer form template” from here:

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