The company gradually and with careful steps, began to plan, organize, manage and control the demanding sector of water supply – sewerage. We prioritized the needs created in the Kapodistrian Municipality of Messina. The company now manages 7,222 water meters through which 9,889 residents are served, according to the NSS 2011 census.

The company immediately takes action, indicative to mention :

Builds a new tank in the city of Messina, budget 345,000.00 € (EPTA), to address the problem of storage space in the city
Completely replaces the asbestos networks of the 13 Municipal Districts of the Kapodistrian Municipality, with a total length of 132.0000 and a budget of 1
Promotes the study for the replacement of the external water supply network of the Association “O AGIOS PAVLOS”
Automatic chlorination is placed in the central tank with a residual chlorine detector
Replacement of damaged hydrometers
Full computerization of the service


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